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 Fancharacter rules. Read... OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE.

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PostSubject: Fancharacter rules. Read... OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE.   Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:42 pm

1. No recolors. A good example of a ruined fancharacter type is Sonic fancharacters. Those are mostly recolors. Original please.
Rule Added By Cloggedone.

2. Follow these guidelines, please:

Name: *YOUR NAME HERE*. If someone actually writes "Your name here" in this position, I will stab them. A lot.
Age: Optional, of course. You may add "???".
Gender: Male or female. Or genderless if they're some sort of alien.
Element: One element per character. I don't care how many elements the official characters (EG: Prometheus and Pandora) have, just limit yourself to one. For example: Ice.
Available elements are ice, electric, fire, none. Ice beats electric, electric beats fire (for some stupid reason) and fire beats ice.
Biometal Model: Anything pretty much, for example: Model L.O.L. Just please try not to use official biometals. Feel free to base biometals on official capcom characters from the older Megaman *(what's the plural of "series"?)* though.
Appearance/attire: You may alternatively/also link to a picture of the character here.

Now, here comes the annoying part. Stats. You may use up to 300 points total, NO MORE. GOT THAT?! However, your HP is a different matter. It can be of up to 300. Here is an example:
Max HP: 300
Strength: 80
Speed: 110
Defense: 30
BM power (The guage that shows how many special attacks you can use) : 80

80+110+30+80=300. Your stats must total 300, except for your health which can, again, be up to 300.

Signature attacks: You may post your signature attacks in the upcoming signature attacks forum for a moderator/admin to approve. If the moderator/admin approves it you may add it into your character profile.

3. Please link to the forum topic of your character in your signature.

4. Admins are allowed to use official characters. Other people are not. Sorry.

*in progress*

Last edited by Aeolus on Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:26 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Fancharacter rules. Read... OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE.   Sat Jul 26, 2008 7:20 pm

Before someone PMs us saying "OH THAT'S NOT FAIR, I CANNOT USE AN OFFICIAL CHARACTER", let me explain. An admin we can trust, and we can be sure you don't do some stupid fancharacter that has no edits or not even re-drawn. You may, though, make like a mixed fancharacter.
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Fancharacter rules. Read... OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE.
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